Liquid Separations Direct carries a wide range of FILMTEC™ Brackish Water RO Elements. Ranging from home elements all the way up to industrial 8-inch diameter elements, providing high performance and enhanced element life when treating difficult water - enabling lower energy usage and reduced costs.



Benefits of FILMTEC™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Elements

  • FILMTEC™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Elements can separate salts from water and are produced with an automated fabrication process that ensures precision, consistency, and reliability

  • FILMTEC™Brackish Water elements provide longer life due to element construction, increased resistance to fouling, and high clean-ability.

  • ECO and Low Energy elements reduce operating costs due to lower energy requirements.

  • Fouling resistant elements have a longer life cycle while reducing cleaning requirements and operational cost



Product Details

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis membrane elements offer consistent, exceptional system performance in industrial applications. They may be cleaned over a wide pH range (pH 1-13) for the most effective cleaning.

Product Name Permeate Flow Rate Size
(Diameter x Length)
 Surface Area (Sq. Ft)
Feed Spacer
Thickness (mil)
Pressure (psi)
Salt Rejection
gdp m3/d
FILMTEC BW30-2540  850 3.2 2.5"x 40" 28 34 225 99.5
FILMTEC BW30 4040  2400 9.1 4"x 40" 78 34 225 99.5
FILMTEC BW30HR 4040  2,900 11 4"x 40" 94 15 125 99.1
FILMTEC BW30-365 9,500 36 8”× 40” 365 34 225 99.5
FILMTEC BW30-400 10,500 40 8”× 40” 400 28 225 99.5
FILMTEC BW30-400/34 10,500 40 8”× 40” 400 34 225 99.5
FILMTEC BW30HR-440 12,650 48 8”× 40” 440 28 225 99.7
FILMTEC BW30HRLE-440 12,650 48 8”× 40” 440 28 150 99.3
FILMTEC BW30XFR-400/34 11,500 43 8”× 40” 400 34 225 99.65
FILMTEC BW30XFRLE-400/34 11,500 43 8”× 40” 400 34 150 99.3
FILMTEC ECO PRO-400  11,500 43 8" x40" 400 34 150 99.7
FILMTEC ECO PRO-440 12,650 48 8" x40" 440 28 150 99.7
FILMTEC FORTILIFE CR100 11,500 43 8" x40" 400 34 150 99.7
FILMTEC FORTILIFE XC70 8,200 31 8" x40" 370 34 150 99.7


Product Features

Brackish Water High Rejection RO Membrane Elements
225psi Operating Pressure

FILMTEC™ BW30-365 and BW30-400/34 Elements use thick 34 mil feed spacer to minimize the impact of fouling and are ideal for reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with challenging waters and wastewater and looking for consistent, high performance, long element life and increased productivity.

FILMTEC™ BW30-400 and BW30HR-440 Elements are ideal for reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with controlled pre-treatment waters and seeking consistency, high performance, long element life, increase productivity, high water quality.

Low Energy and High Rejection Brackish Water RO Membrane Elements
125-150 psi Operating Pressure

The FILMTEC™ low energy and extra low energy, high productivity brackish water reverse osmosis elements are designed to deliver high quality water at low operating costs for municipal and industrial water applications. FILMTEC™ LE and XLE Elements provide lower energy costs and more productivity, especially in cold waters, and minimize equipment CAPEX in designs with savings in elements and pumping.

Fouling Resistant FILMTEC™ RO Membrane Elements

FILMTEC™ Fouling Resistant reverse osmosis elements incorporate DuPont’s proprietary FR (fouling resistant) membrane technology that provides excellent fouling resistance and cleanability and are designed to purify water with high biological or organic fouling potential in systems with well-controlled pretreatment. This high rejection membrane has a wide pH cleaning range (pH 1-13) that allows for effective cleaning of scale, organic compounds, and biofilm. These features offer system operators some of the best long-term economics and trouble-free operation for RO membrane purification of fouling


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