Liquid Separations Direct provides access to DuPont’s wide range of the AMBERLYST™ ion exchange resin portfolio. AMBERLYST™ resins are world class resins that are used in a variety of catalytic, chemical processing applications across the globe. AMBERLYST™ resins have a wide range of applications including etherification reactions, aldol condensation, acid removal, demineralization of and cation removal in aqueous and non-aqueous streams.

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15 dry.PNG

AMBERLYST™ 15 Polymeric Catalyst

Available in both DRY and WET bead forms, strongly acidic ion exchange resin developed particularly for heterogeneous acid catalysis of a wide variety of organic reactions.

It is also useful in non-aqueous ion exchange systems for the removal of cationic impurities.

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AMBERLYST™ 36 - Industrial Grade Strongly Acidic Catalyst

Available in both DRY and WET bead forms, macroreticular, sulfonic acid ion exchange resin developed particularly for heterogeneouscatalysis.

The special process used to manufacture AMBERLYST 36DRY results in a particularly high concentration of acid groups and also confers an improved thermal stability when compared to catalysts with a similar level of crosslinking.

It is also less prone to the polymer fouling. AMBERLYST 36DRY is mainly used in the phenol alkylation processes Contact Liquid Separations for product availability on the following AMBERLITE™ General Purpose Resins.

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AMBERLYST™ A21 Industrial Grade Weakly Basic Polymeric Resin

A bead form, weak base anion exchange resin developed for the removal of acidic materialsfrom productstreams.

After proper solvent conditioning, it can be used directly to remove acidic materials from organic solvents and to remove phenol from benzene and inhibitors from monomers : hydroquinone (HQ), hydroquinone mono-ethyl ether (MEHQ), tertiary butyl catechol (TBC).

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AMBERLYST™ A26 OH Industrial Grade Strongly Basic Polymeric Resin

A strong base, type 1, anionic, macroreticular polymeric resin based on crosslinked styrene divinylbenzene copolymer containing quaternary ammonium groups.

Its porous structure makes it a good choice for use in aqueous and non aqueous media.

The macroreticular structure and pore size distribution imparts superior resistance tomechanical and osmotic shock.

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